Benefit Sanctions: Jobcentre evidence gathering questions and computer screen shots

The DWP has disclosed computer screen shots of the ‘DART (Decision and Automated Referral Toolkit). Also known as Labour Market Toolkit’. They show the evidence gathering process Jobcentre ‘Advisers’ undertake before auto referring a JSA entitlement doubt to a Decision Maker by computer. (DM)

If someone subject to a JSA entitlement doubt does not respond to the questions disclosed, evidence gathering potentially leading to a sanction(s) is limited, therefore not answering questions could frustrate any DM referral. It would seem reasonable that a Jobcentre adviser be requested to supply a copy [print out] of all the questions they have, so more considered responses can be given, ideally after independent advice has been secured.

DART: “The Decision and Automated Referral Toolkit is an internal DWP IT system used to send certain sanction doubts to a Labour Market Decision Maker.  Please find a document attached containing screen shots of the system.”
From: DWP Central FoI Team – 29 October 2013

Sample DART screen shot: “did you actually apply for any jobs”?

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The above processes likely to have been amended as a consequence of the 28th October 2013 changes for challenging Benefit Decisions. More comments on this in the DWP cover letter.

DART and Dart Board Fraud referrals?

Curiously the Jobcentre computer icon for a Fraud Referral is a Dart Board

Image source via dwp 

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