Work Programme Providers given Security and Data Protection exemptions for faster sanctions by email

A:  DWP Central FoI Team – 07 November   2013
“A variation to the contract was required and was signed by all providers with the exception of Reed In Partnership and A4E who have decided not to adopt the unencrypted email process at present.  I enclose a copy of the contract variation. ”

Referring to Work Programme sanctions forms WP08 and WP09 (version 2 (June 2011)  and version 3 (October 2012)

 Q: Sharing sensitive personal data using unencrypted email
“Do email the contract variations that mean work Programme
contractors can send failure to participate and JSA doubts via
unencrypted email. Which contractors have signed the variations?
Was the Information Commissioner Office
talked to on this? What stops these email from containing sensitive
personal data? How does the Subject of these emails get a copy?”