Frank Field MP, are you one of his constituents?

Please get in tough via if your MP is Frank Field, this is to let him know of some Jobcentre issues affecting his constituents.

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JSA and Zero Hour contracts

“Written Answers — Work and Pensions: Vacancies (27 March 2014)
Esther McVey:JSA claimants are not required to apply for zero hour contract jobs and are not penalised if they leave such a job”

DWP Zero Hours guidance: Jobseekers Allowance and Universal Credit

Investigation report: The Atos WCA benefits assessment and death of Ms DE

Read full report:
Via The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland
Thistle House, 91 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5HE
Tel: 0131 313 8777 / Fax: 0131 313 8778

Atos benefits assessment led to woman’s suicide says watchdog

Help to Work guidelines available 28th April 2014

“The Help to Work operational guidance is in the testing phase of development. The support through Help to Work is due to start on 28th April 2014, at which point the guidance will be available”

Being “available” may not mean being published online and disclosure may still require an FOI request on of after 28th April 2014. the guidelines that may be published may only be those for DWP providers and not DWP/Jobcentre staff.

28 April 2014 benefit changes: Lone Parent Conditionality, Workfare, Jobsearch, Sanctions & more

“…high-level overview of changes that are being introduced from 28 April 2014”

  • Quarterly Work Search Interviews
    (20 minute Quarterly Work Search Interview every 13 weeks)
  • English Language Requirement (in England only)
    (This will affect all new JSA claimants…It applies equally to UK nationals, European Economic Area (EEA) and non EEA nationals)
  • Increasing Lone Parent Conditionality
  • Day One Conditionality
    “Prior to their Initial Work Search Interview, they will be requested [can be mandated following at an interview, if “appropriate“] to:

    • set up an email address
    • prepare a suitable CV
    • register on Universal Jobmatch”
  • Weekly Work Search Reviews
    (It will apply to 50% of all pre-Work Programme JSA)
  • Help to Work Package: Every person who remains on JSA following completion of the Work Programme will be provided with rigorous support tailored to their needs
    Help to Work offers three intensive support options for Work Programme completers. Work Coaches in Jobcentres will work with claimants to understand their needs, and refer them to one of the following:

    • Mandatory Intervention Regime where Coaches have more time to spend with
    • Daily Work Search Reviews
    • Community Work Placements
      (Community Work Placements, where claimants undertake work placements of community benefit for up to six months alongside provider-led jobsearch)

    Discuss at:

DWP Memo: Repeat Work Capability Assessments deferred

“The number of cases currently with Atos Healthcare has grown.
A decision has therefore been taken to control the referral of repeat work capability
assessments. Therefore, with effect from 20 January 2014, further routine repeat
assessments referrals to Atos will be deferred until further notice.
Controlling the volume of repeat Work Capability Assessments should help us to
reduce delays for new claimants and those that have already been referred”
From: DWP Gatekeeper Memo / Information Alert – Gatekeeper Number 01.14.09 – 20 January 2014

ESA Reassessments Suspended