As @Red_Rescue has a habit of posting what can be considered disinformation about people’s Social Security rights, @refuted has decided to use the Tweet Deck ‘mute‘ function, for the first time. Everyone is advised to always doubt opinion conveyed via social media, particularly when it cannot be easily substantiated by any  independent credible source and or does not contain any links/urls, citations or verifiable references for stated opinions and or direct DWP opinion, guidance, associated rules, legislation or case law.

Discussing or advocating for people’s Social Security rights via Twitter’s 140 character limit is inherently problematic. Some useful places to promote more detalied and evidence based debate are the Rights Net and Unemployment Movement forums. Everyone is also free to set up websites and free blogs through likes of wordpress.com and tumblr.com, such as http://speye.wordpress.com and http://nearlylegal.co.uk/blog

Anyone can discuss this further at: http://unemploymentmovement.com/forum/welfare-to-work/9007-wp-withdraw-consent-and-qpunishment-for-being-a-cunning-tricksterq


Tweet by @refuted: Work Programme (WP): U can still withdraw consent to share personal data with a Third Partyrefuted.org.uk/2014/02/28/withdrawconsent/ Or not give consent #DoNotSign
Response by @Red_Rescue: “I suspect their reaction to such trickery would be – right you daily signing time in punishment for being a cunning trickster.

Work Programme: You can still withdraw consent to share personal data with a Third Party

Updated: 05 Mar 2014