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The journey to work: welfare reform for the next Parliament

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@UKlabour compulsory 35 hr a week youth job, paying 25 hrs as UK wide Jobs Growth Wales

“Ms Reeves, the shadow work and pensions secretary, wants to roll this idea (Jobs Growth Wales) out across the country if Labour wins next year’s general election….This national scheme – called the “Jobs Guarantee” Labour fleshes out youth work programme FT – 23/6/14

Compulsory Jobs Guarantee: “If elected, it will provide a six-month job for 18-24 year-olds who have been out of work for a year, which jobseekers will be forced to take or lose their benefits” FT – 10/3/14

“Young adults who have been unemployed for a year would be guaranteed a job for six months by a Labour government under plans to be set out today by Ed Miliband. They would be provided paid work for 25 hours a week and [unpaid] training by their employer for a further 10 hours a week, but face tough benefit sanctions if they drop out of the scheme.” Independent 16/3/2012

“The Jobs Growth Wales programme provides unemployed young people with a job opportunity for a six month period paid at or above the National Minimum Wage for a minimum of 25 hours per week

Abolish £700 million Help To Work with a Guaranteed Job and wage incentives

IPPR has recommended that the punitive Help To Work scheme, which includes 6 month unpaid Community Work Placements, should be abolished and replaced with a GuaranteedJob and employer wage incentives.

Report: Fixing the Work Programme, locally “Subsidised employment for most long-term unemployed claimants should be full time, with active job-hunting phased back in towards the end of the contract”

Dystopian 35 Hours a Week Supervised Jobsearch for Jobseeker’s Allowance Pilot

The Supervised Jobsearch Pilot Scheme

3.  (1)  The Supervised Jobsearch Pilot Scheme is prescribed for the purposes of section 17A(1) (schemes for assisting persons to obtain employment: “work for your benefit” schemes etc) of the Jobseekers Act 1995.

(2) The Supervised Jobsearch Pilot Scheme (“the Scheme”) is a scheme—

(a) that is designed to provide support and assistance to a claimant in their search to find employment, in a supervised environment, for up to 35 hours per week over a period of up to 13 weeks; and

(b) which involves an initial interview with the Scheme provider to discuss what the claimant is required to do by way of participation in the Scheme and may also involve training or other activity to help improve a claimant’s job search skills, help preparing for job interviews and assistance with job applications and preparing a curriculum vitae.

Pilot to operate until 30th April 2015 within:

a) East Anglia; – (b) Black Country; – (c) Mercia;- (d) Surrey & Sussex; – (e) West Yorkshire.

New 35 hour per week Job Search commitments confirmed – Universal Credit

JSA Claimant Commitment: DWP internal guidance disclosed, 45+ documents


New briefing on the DWP’s statistics for it’s punitive JSA and ESA sanctions campaign

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“This briefing deals with the statistics released by the DWP on 14 May 2014, which include figures for a further three months, namely October to December 2013, and give revised figures for every earlier month back to April 2000.

Highest numbers and rates of sanctions to date

The punitive campaign by DWP ministers and officials has continued to intensify, so that in spite of the fall in the numbers of JSA and ESA claimants, the numbers of sanctions have risen to new highs”

5 June 2014

Dr David Webster – Honorary Senior Research Fellow – Urban Studies – University of Glasgow

Former Jobcentre Plus adviser tells of a “brutal and bullying” culture of “setting claimants up to fail” – “The pressure to sanction customers was constant,” he said. “It led to people being stitched-up on a daily basis.”

More sanctions imposed on jobseeker’s allowance claimants