@UKlabour compulsory 35 hr a week youth job, paying 25 hrs as UK wide Jobs Growth Wales

“Ms Reeves, the shadow work and pensions secretary, wants to roll this idea (Jobs Growth Wales) out across the country if Labour wins next year’s general election….This national scheme – called the “Jobs Guarantee” Labour fleshes out youth work programme FT – 23/6/14

Compulsory Jobs Guarantee: “If elected, it will provide a six-month job for 18-24 year-olds who have been out of work for a year, which jobseekers will be forced to take or lose their benefits” FT – 10/3/14

“Young adults who have been unemployed for a year would be guaranteed a job for six months by a Labour government under plans to be set out today by Ed Miliband. They would be provided paid work for 25 hours a week and [unpaid] training by their employer for a further 10 hours a week, but face tough benefit sanctions if they drop out of the scheme.” Independent 16/3/2012

“The Jobs Growth Wales programme provides unemployed young people with a job opportunity for a six month period paid at or above the National Minimum Wage for a minimum of 25 hours per weekhttp://wales.gov.uk/topics/educationandskills/skillsandtraining/jobsgrowthwales/?lang=en