Welfare Rights Action Gathering: Sat 30th May, London

Boycott Workfare is running a Welfare Action Gathering on Saturday May 30th in London.

To support this a 1 page leaflet has been created covering:

  • Taking support to Jobcentres
  • Universal Jobmatch
  • Jobsearch records
  • Do Not Sign
  • Welfare rights information and resources.

#FOI Watch: 243 pages of 11393 Jobbridge #workfare exploiters named and shamed in Ireland

Whilst the UK’s DWP, has for years, refused to disclose the names of #workfare exploiters, 243 pages of 11393 workfare exploiters has just been published in Ireland.

The #WorkMustPay Campaign is made up of a small network of young activists who take part in a series of actions to directly challenge the acceptability of employers taking on unpaid JobBridge interns instead of providing even the basic respect of a minimum wage for workers.

UK: Name & Shame #workfare exploiters

DWP loses another 3 FOI tribunal hearings, must release names of workfare exploiters