The future of forced unpaid labour workfare in England (pdf)

The future of forced unpaid labour workfare in England (pdf)

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Youth Workfare: Direct Action & Campaigning Against – Ideas from the Welfare Action Gathering Workshop

Conservative 2015 manifesto proposals (pdf) on youth workfare – view online.

The Working Well scheme operates a “Talking Therapies Service for mental Health and the Skills for Employment Service for improving skills and access to work placements”

Section 4 of the Social Security Act (1988) removed entitlement to a weekly £32.72 Unemployment Benefit for 16 and 17 year olds.
It’s only alternative was a workfare style guaranteed Youth Training Scheme (YTS) placement, of one or two years on-the-job ‘training’, with a weekly allowance of
£27.30, or approximately 12% of Average Earnings. (£35 in the second year).
The Employment Act (1988) linked benefit entitlement to a willingness
to participate in government approved training schemes.

Social Security Act (1988)

Youth Training Allowance rates

Detailed Benefit rates 1948 – 2012

Learning from America (1998)
Policy transfer and the developmentof the British Workfare State.

Definition of youth obligation
Young people, aged 18 to 21, who receive universal credit will be required, from April 2017, to participate in an intensive regime of support from day one of their benefit claim.
After six months they will be expected to apply for an apprenticeship or traineeship, gain work-based skills, or go on a mandatory work placement to give them the skills they need to move into sustainable employment.

Election 2015: Conservative manifesto at-a-glance
Replacing Jobseeker’s Allowance for 18-21 year-olds with a Youth Allowance time-limited to six months. After that, they will have to take an apprenticeship or traineeship or do community work to claim benefits

Election 2015: Labour manifesto at-a-glance
Introduce a compulsory jobs guarantee, which will “provide a paid starter job for every young person unemployed for over a year”

We must institute a “workfare” system and a national youth training and work system so that we have one overall, comprehensive and radical reform to get Britain working once more.
Mr Ralph Howell MP – 1st March 1985

What is workfare

Keep it Voluntary
Promoting the Keep Volunteering Voluntary agreement in the voluntary sector. For volunteering, against workfare.

Universal Credit
“I’ll spend 35 hours each week looking and preparing for work”

Welfare Reform Act (2009)
“Work for your benefit” schemes etc.

Welfare Reform Act 2012
Section 16 Work preparation requirement
(3) (e)undertaking work experience or a work placement;

Youth Offer
Statistics: April 2012

Mandatory Programmes
Official Statistics
May 2011 to

Traineeships – starts by Local Authority and Local Enterprise Partnership (2013/14 to 2014/15)

Quarterly Help to Work statistics to March 2016

Statistics at DWP

FE data library: other statistics and research

Estranged Labour

Kier Hardy’s right to work
Keir Hardie’s “Sunshine of Socialism” Speech – Full Text

Keir Hardie boldly declared that the State had a responsibility to provide work for the maintenance of the unemployed.
Keir Hardie’s “Sunshine of Socialism” Speech – Full Text
Keir Hardie – April 11th 1914

Work camps and the training of
the unemployed in Britain before 1939

full text
The “Unemployed workmen act, 1905”

Central (Unemployed) Body for London (CUB), both set up under the Unemployed Workman’s Act of 1905 to match men to make-work programmes.

History of Full Employment Efforts
History of Full Employment Efforts

For 18 years from 1979 – and for 14 of them as an MP – I attended marches, walked on demonstrations, spoke at rallies, including a rally of one million people on the march for the right to work.

right to work march