Welfare Rights Action Gathering

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Below is a draft 1 page welfare rights leaflet to support the Welfare Action Gathering, taking place on Saturday May 30th in London by Boycott Workfare.

Download: leaflet, in pdf or .doc format.

Text of the leaflet, with links to related resources:

Support at Jobcentre appointments
You can take support to jobcentre appointments & have others act on your behalf.  Visit www.refuted.org.uk/rights/support to get a template letter to give to the Jobcentre to secure appointment support.

Universal Jobmatch
You can only be required to use it at a Jobcentre and you do not have to give DWP access to your account, or use it to record Jobsearch activity. You can stop all DWP Jobmatch emails and you can search for Jobs without logging in, as well as apply direct to employers for the Jobs they post on it.

[Resources on Universal Jobmatch http://refuted.org.uk/jobmatch/]

Jobsearch records
You can create you own diary or log of Jobsearch activity and you cannot be required to use Jobcentre forms like the ‘My Work Plan’. Work Programme providers cannot mandate you to show them your Jobsearch records. If providers of any DWP Back to Work schemes (See Do Not Sign section below) wants to see your Jobsearch records, ask them to put the request in writing, with details of what would happen if you did not show it. If you do show actual evidence of Jobsearch, like emails or job applications, no one can keep them unless you give your permission (consent).

[Jobsearch – a definitive guide: http://refuted.org.uk/rights/jobsearchdefinitive/]

Do Not Sign
When attending a DWP Back to Work scheme there is no requirement to sign any forms or documents devised by DWP providers. Back to Work schemes include Skills Conditionality, Sector-based work academy, Work experience, New Enterprise Allowance, Mandatory Work Activity, The Work Programme and Community Work Placements.

[Do Not Sign resources: http://refuted.org.uk/donotsign/]

Welfare Rightshttp://www.refuted.org.uk
Visit http://www.refuted.org.uk/rights/gathering for more detailed information on the rights summarised above, a copy of this leaflet and to access more tips and resources on your welfare rights, including: