PsychoCrat welfare: info on mandatory DWP NLP, confidence tricks and #workfare schemes

DWP says Jobcentre co-located IAPT and digital cCBT would be/isentirely voluntary

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) services to co-locate with Job Centre Plus and Work Programme providers?

…there are no contracts or formal agreements in place covering this aspiration.  Meetings to discuss this proposal are planned to start in May 2015
NHS England – 8 May 2015

Latest: Positive affect as coercive strategy: conditionality, activation and the role of psychology in UK government workfare programmes  (8 June 2015) – related BPS & BACP responses, podcast and further reporting: Psychological abuse in workfare, Your opinions of co-location of IAPT staff in Jobcentres, Protesters to march on jobcentre over mental health therapy links, Iain Duncan Smith’s First Re-Education Centre To Open In Streatham Jobcentre, Don’t treat unemployment as a mental problem – report, The DWP is trying to psychologically ‘reprogramme’ the unemployed, study finds

£21m digital CBT

Jobcentre/DWP: Online Supported Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Open future opportunity (19 March 2015)

BPS launches inquiry into “psycho-welfare” (16 January 15)

Sample FOI requests: CMHT/ IAPT, IAPT therapists in over 350 jobcentres – IAPT workers in 350 Jobcentres – IAPT Co locating in the Streatham JobcentreSanctions: CBT and IAPT Vedas NLPUnemployed must undertake mandatory neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) by Vedas Recruitment & Training LtdThe efficacy of neuro-linguistic programming by the DWP, Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) toolsThe GRIT GOALS UK package for DWP staffThe DWP “plans to place 350 psychologists in job centres” is knowingly false and misleading?, Living Well Network Hub based in Streatham Job Centre (Maudsley NHS), Living Well Network Hub based in Streatham Job Centre (Lambeth NHS), + more.

Below is a short list of newer DWP schemes using mandatory coercion, confidence tricks and often with forced unpaid work, aka #workfare.


After a request, below is a list of contracts for people aged 50+, with particular reference to the Mid Shires DWP contract Specification (V1.1), that says:

To challenge the perceptions that claimants may hold that Employers discriminate on the grounds of age and …”

Related 50+ resources: DWP’s ‘Fuller Working Lives‘ policy and private sector’s

Behavioural Science

Worth noting that ‘Behavioural Science‘ and ‘Mind Control‘ is also used with/on Jobcentre staff.

FOI request for Behavioural Insights Team (Nudge Unit).

Nudge Unit

Nudge Unit staff require an “understanding of the behavioural science literature” and “A Masters or PhD in a relevant subject area (including, but not limited to behavioural economics, psychology, design thinking, evaluation methods)”. Full job descriptions: Adviser [Senior & Principal] and Research Fellowship.


Influencing behaviour through public policy


Boycott Workfare – Campaign to abolish forced labour
Community Psychology – building a movement of community psychology in the UK. Together we hope to empower, liberate and achieve improved well-being for all.
Hubbub –  an international team of scientists, humanists, artists, clinicians, public health experts, broadcasters and public engagement professionals.
Psychologists Against Austerity – Mobilising Psychologists & Psychological Knowledge for Social Justice
Whistle While You Work (For Nothing): Positive Affect as Coercive Strategy – The Case of Workfare

Acknowledgement: Idea for this page from tweets of Lynne Friedli and past discussions with Anita Bellows and George Berger on the Nudge Unit and so called Behavioural.Insights.